10 life and love affirming songs

Music was always an escape and had  been a healing power in my life, almost in every situation I confronted. This week has been a challenging one for my family, and I needed the music healing power more then ever.
Life throws you curve balls when you least expect it. I know that, I think most of us know and experience it in different stages in life to different degrees. My family faced its own curve ball this week, when one of our loved ones discovered he is facing a life threatening illness. We are at the start of what seem to be a long and difficult road and where it ends is still a mystery.
These type of news tend to overwhelm. I was floundering for a couple of days, trying to process this new situation, trying to figure out how we are going to deal with it, how we want to handle it on a day to day level.  Are we going to get all sad and let this dark cloud press down on us? Are we going to be all proactive and start asking questions looking for solutions trying to feel like we are working on “fixing” it? Are we going to change our routine, cancel plans, and focus only on that? Initially we went through all of these reactions. I was crying quietly a few times a day, away from anyone who can see it, My husband turned to the “let’s fix it” route until we talked  and realized together that it’s not what is needed for us. A few days later we matured into our current state which can be defined as
“It is what Is” – this is the situation, it’s sad, it’s going to get hard, it’s going to be a big part of our life now, but we can’t allow it to be all of it. We are at a practical mode now- finding out what is needed from us, how we can help, how we can be there for those who needs us, and beyond that we chose as a family unit to stay positive and enjoy the moment we are in whenever we can. 

The poet Omar Khayyam wrote
“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
So this is what we are trying to do.
All through this week I had songs playing in my head, reflecting where I was at mentally, and the different feeling and thoughts running in my head. I realized that we clung to each other much more this week, constantly needing the physical closeness, when we laughed we laughed wholeheartedly, needing to reaffirm life and love, holding on to happiness as much as we can, appreciating what we have. The songs I kept listening  reflected the spectrum of these emotions. I am sharing the 10 songs that meant the most, comforted me, reminded me we have to be there for each other and that happiness is a force we need to use in the twisting road that is ahead of us. I hope at least one of them brighten your day too.
  1. Home – Philip Phillips
  2. Diamonds – Sia
  3. Broken arrows – Avicii
  4. I lived ( a one republic cover)- Carrollton
  5. Sign of the time – Harry Styles
  6. One Day – Matisyahu
  7. Golden – Zayn
  8. Happy – Pharrell Williams
  9. Arms Open – The Script
  10. Through the dark– One Direction
Remember to tell the people closest to you how much you love and appreciate them. And in the subject of family – the beautiful images in this post are the work of my very talented sister in law – check out her amazing Instagram feed: Shiri Ben Yakar. #shiribenyakar
“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life” » Albert Einstein

31 thoughts on “10 life and love affirming songs

    1. Thank you! yes – I am listening to them currently:) I love playlists, they like a soundtrack for life. thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. Never tried Japanese music – I’m curious now. will search it. I love finding new interesting things to listen to. Thanks for reading:)

  1. I am so sorry that you have to go through this tough phase of your life but I am also happy that you are at least finding some inner peace with these songs. Though i haven’t heard any of them except Diamonds from Sia, I will surely listen to them. Take care and be strong, hun!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re going through such hard times, hopefully it’ll get better soon! Music always manages to cheer me up, I haven’t heard some of these songs so I’ll make a note of them so I can listen to them! I love that you have a The Script song on here though they’re one of my favourite bands!

    Jess xx

    1. Mine too! and that song is so stripped down and acoustic i just loved it. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. It’s amazing how music can calm our soul and help us during many times in our lives. I personally depend on music when it comes to learning about who I am or finding inspiration. I’m surprised I’ve only heard three songs on this list. I gotta step up my game! Thank you so much for sharing your list of inspiring and positive music. I could always go for inspiring, positive song in my day!

    1. Music is a huge inspiration for me ( I have music playing basically from morning to night) hope you find at least 1 new song you like in here:) thank you for reading.

  4. While I tend to go for a very different type of music, I often turn to it for very similar reasons. All thoughts and wishes are with you and your family.

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