A Change would do you good – dare to move

Maya Angelou wrote “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

Sometimes I find myself wondering about what life lessons I am teaching my children. I would like to think that years from now, looking back look at some of the positive things in their life, smile and say, “My parents taught me that.”
I hope one of the things they would learn is that change is good that being brave and Daring to move is great,  and also that sometimes change would take you to where you want to be, sometimes it won’t, and there is value to be found in that too.
Stop, recalculate, reevaluate, trust that you will find your way. how to stop being afraid of changes - life lessons
This past year was filled with changes for us as a family, the biggest one was leaving the city and heading out to a small rural community. It impacted our lives in so many ways, all for the better. We leaped into this change, believing we were doing the right thing, despite having to make some compromises – being further away from our families, moving into a smaller house, taking the kids away from their friends.

Two years ago we were drowning in the logistics of day to day life. On the surface all was good. We were living in a beautiful big house, we had good jobs, the kids were healthy and well. But looking closely – I became a virtual hermit, conserving what little energy I had for my family, drifting away from my friends.

My outdoorsy husband developed back pains and suddenly couldn’t find the time or the will to do things he loved like surfing and cycling. The kids were good, but despite having a huge backyard, they spent most of their time indoors in front of screens which drove me crazy. All these things we thought were important turned out not to be right for us.Our family made a big change to country living, and stress -free life


 Fast forward to 2 years later, and this Saturday morning, I was sitting outside, the winter sun was warm and bright, drawing us all out, the kids were playing around, I was reading, My guy was playing his guitar, I raised my head and realized how peaceful we all were. I was breathing freely, enjoying that moment of being still. And I couldn’t help thinking – how different things are now.



“I’ve been afraid of changin’ ’cause I’ve built my life around you” –sings Steve Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) and it’s true,  we build our lives around constants and it’s hard to break away from them even when they feel wrong.


We all, at some point in our life, choose to follow the “better the devil you know” method and understandably so. Leaping into the unknown is a lonely thing. There are no assurances, no safety nets. We are supposed to have a life plan, a route to follow, we go to school, we go to college, get a job, move up the ranks, find a partner, buy a house etc.

But what happens if the route we started following early on, suddenly feels like a dead end?
Sometimes we hold on to all that is anchoring us. Sometimes that anchor is keeping us safe but also preventing us from progressing and moving forward. It’s not easy especially in later stages in life to admit that we don’t have all the answers. It is scary to lose the certainty in our path. The thing is – you need to find the positive in the unknown. Look at it as a chance to create something new and beautiful, to find a better, though a different, version of the life plan you thought you had.

I hope my kids will grow up to trust their instincts. I hope they will be brave and choose a different path if the one they’re on doesn’t feel right anymore. Change can be a blessing whether it’s changing something you don’t like or changing an attitude.

Is there one thing you want to change in your life big or small? is something keeping you from that change? would love to hear your thoughts on it.
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9 thoughts on “A Change would do you good – dare to move

    1. I know all about fear of changes:) when I l moved across the world for the first time, I couldn’t literally could eat for a month. Once you get through it usually you find yourself really happy you did.

  1. Great post Madi! The thought of change can be terrifying, but the reality is almost never so bad! We know all about this, having recently moved across the country from I had thought was my dream destination, then leaving for Europe for three months.

    Who knows where the road will take us, but I always try to put the journey before the destination.

    So glad that the move worked out for you and your family! I had the image of an Andy Griffith episode with the guitar on the porch scene!

    1. It’s not as picturasq as a porch but we love it:) and I so admire and connect with what you are doing now – I thunk traveling and settling down in new places for a while is such an opportunity to grow.

    1. Thank you for reading – and yes I agree, there many points in my life where I felt like shaking things up will turn things for the better, it always did:)

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