It's time to create your digital Course with the

4 step course creation framework

Turn your knowledge and skills into a successful digital course/offer,
with this step by step framework that will help you gain clarity on who your offer is for, what solution it offers, and how you are going to deliever that solution to your audience.

This is for you if are a dedicated coach or
service provider

You know you have so much to bring to the world – your talent, your passion, your message, but you are stuck.

There are only so many hours in a day

and you have reached your capacity. You want to serve more people, but you just don’t have the time.

You know creating a digital course is the best way

 to bring your gifts to as many people as possible. 

You also know it’s the best way to have a real financial breakthrough, and grow your business and your income.

But thats where the doubts
set it

Can you really create a digital course?
Are you qualified enough to teach?
You have no idea where to start
or the ever-popular – “I am not techy” 

Now is the time to stop doubting and start doing

Because your audience, your future clients are out there waiting for you to find them, waiting for you to make your offer and abilities available to them.
And though it may look scary and overwhelming – when done right, in a step by step gradual process, it might be easier to accomplish than you think.

Are you ready to take the leap, and start generating more income while freeing up more of your time?


A little about me

I’m Madi Dearson, A Content Strategist, And Marketing Coach.

I Have Been Working In The Online Space For A Decade, And For The Past Few Years, I  Had Been Running My Own Business, Working Mainly With  women entreprenuers And Bloggers, Helping Them Focus Their Message, Establish Their Online Presence, And Create Their Digital Offers And Sales Funnels.
My Passion Is supporting My Clients as they Grow Their Business creating their Own Offers, Helping Them Get Past Their Fear Of Marketing, Getting Their Marketing Foundation Up And Running, So They Can Successfully Launch Their Products.
My Wish For You Is That You Go Through This Process With Ease And Confidence, So you can grow your business, your income, and your sucess.