How to choose the perfect affiliate product to promote

The world of affiliate marketing is getting bigger by the second. For newbie marketers, the task of tackling the infinite options of products to choose from can be overwhelming. If you choose to promote by ads and PPC methods, It can also be costly if you pick the wrong product.

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Now, I’m going to give you full disclosure. Unlike many of the headlines I see on Pinterest – I did NOT make money my first-week blogging or my first-week marketing affiliate products. I did not make money the first month either. I did, however, get VERY overwhelmed and confused. There were so many affiliate products and program out there, I got lost and dazed. Add to that the fact I was mothering 3 toddlers at the time, you can get the picture. In all honesty- sure I made a few dollars here and there and found myself spending quite a few on adds and promotions until I realized I was out of my depth and needed a little hand-holding through the process. That is why I did what I do best,  I signed up to an online digital marketing course (I am a forever student, got couple degrees + a few diplomas and I’m probably not done yet). This time I wanted a very practical program with coaching which was what I got. I signed up for the
Business Blueprint online course complete with coaching sessions. One of the reasons I chose that course was for its masterclass- Affiliate marketing business plan. That was when a lot of the confusion cleared up for me.  What I learned, I implemented and started my journey to what became my online business.
Which brings me right back to the start- I know well the initial almost paralyzing sense of “what do I do first?” “How do I choose?” and then “WHY isn’t this working?” leading up to – “Maybe I should just give up”. I know how it seems like everyone in your Facebook group, twitter chats, and Pinterest is making money other than you. But giving up is not what you need to do. What you need is to get some clarity and a starting point which is what I will try to provide in this post.Affiliate marketing how to choose the right product to promote

So, these are my 6 steps for choosing the perfect affiliate product to promote, I go through this process every time and it doesn’t let me down:

1. Pick a product with a big target audience that won’t be hard to reach.

How do you do that? good question, with a simple answer. Choose a product from a popular in-demand niche.
There are 3 major niches of products that are in demand and have a ready and willing audience. These are the 3 niches:
BizOp -otherwise known as  “how to make money online”/online business opportunities/how to create passive income and all the
accompanying products that goes with it – the choice of products in this field is vast and diverse, there are
many digital products you can promote – like courses on how to make money online, software to help you upgrade your business,
there are physical products like books and How to guides, digital tools to help you and so on.
Diet, Health and healthy lifestyle- Again a very diverse and sought after niche – workout programs and apps, Wight loss coaching,
books, products etc.
*  Dating and relationships.
The reason these niches are so right for marketing is that they are evergreen – the need for them always exist, and there always new products coming out.
You can, of course, choose of the many other niches if they feel right for you, but these are the 3 where there always an available audience that is easy to recognize and target, there are many digital products in these niches and in general digital products provide higher commission per product. Focus your choice of niche so it targets a specific audience for example – diets and weight loss – keto diet, etc.

2. Pick a product that solves a real problem/answers a need

like getting out of debt, generating passive income, income for stay at home mom, losing weight, getting in shape, – you get the idea.  BY narrowing your niche into a “Micro niche” then it will be so much easier for you to find the right way of driving traffic to your affiliate links. I find that having a “tunnel vision” if you will, in these type of business, is a good thing, once you focus your view and cut out the noise – it’s easier keep up with your business goals.
Once you narrowed down a niche and found a product you think you want to promote it’s time to the next VERY important step.

3. DO your research

you can’t skip this step – this ties directly with the above steps – in order to make sure there is an audience available for your focused niche and that there is a need for your product –  research it – go on Facebook, see if there are a lot of groups that are centered on this niche go on YouTube check if there are plenty of videos dealing with it and if it searched a lot, do these videos get a lot of views? Check google and see how many results there are on this niche. Check for reviews – very important if you have no first-hand experience with the product.

4. Pick a product that “looks” good not just visually but copy wise too 

especially when dealing with digital products. Choose products that have a great ready-made sales-funnel that highlights in a clear way the answer/solution for an urgent need this product provides. A good sales funnel is everything – especially when it comes to high ticket products until you are ready to create your own super converting funnels (you will get there with time) you really should try and choose a product that comes complete with a highly converting and appealing copy.

5. Pick a product you can relate to

It is much easier to promote something you like, understand and believe in. Personally, I choose to promote products I experienced and had good results with, but it doesn’t mean you have to try every product out there – just make sure you know everything you need to know about it, and that it is a legitimate safe product -I urge you to choose ethically, research your product, make sure it is safe, responsible and honest.

6. Bonus step

If you find products that tick all the boxes mentioned above and also have plenty of marketing materials and a good support system that can provide answers to your questions regarding the products then you are really on your way to earning a nice income with affiliate marketing, try and choose the affiliate program that will offer you the most support and help, especially if you are just starting out.

Please keep in mind that picking the right product is only the starting point, the next stage is to create a marketing plan, choose where and how you are going to promote, how to reach the audience you targeted.

Remember that there is a lot more to affiliate marketing than just sticking a link to a product and sending it out to the world, there is a lot of thought and planning that needs to go into it – but once done right, the return to your efforts can be outstanding.
For now if  like me, you need a solid starting point and some hand-holding,  but can’t commit to a full-on course right now – there is a bonus link right here, that you can click and sign up for the FREE 15 day business building challenge– 15 daily lessons, in which you will learn how to launch and grow your online business. You will get a business coach who will give you assignments. Together you will go step by step until on day 15, you will have a clear and concise business plan so that you can launch your online business with a defined vision of what and how you want it to be.
Hope you will find it helpful.
*The lovely tailor-made images in this post were created by my amazing sister inlaw Shiri, head over to her INSTAGRAM PAGE to see more of her work, DM her for your own exclusive images.


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  1. This is a really helpful post Madi, thank you for sharing your tips! I especially agree with the line: “It is much easier to promote something you like, understand and believe in.” That’s 100% true, when we are passionate about something, it feels natural and genuine. Fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

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