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Content is king. How many of you came across this sentence while reading about blogging? That is because it’s true.
Without great content, all the hard work you put into creating your blog goes to waste. Without great content, there is nothing to attract traffic to your blog or keep it coming back.
What makes your content great? providing value to your reader. How do you create value? well, that is the big questions:) I am going to share a few tools and tips I learned along the way.
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What to blog about- how to come up with content ideas

Generating content week after week is a process that can become overwhelming at times. Some of us also find out that writer’s block can apply to bloggers too:) So how do we go about it? Where do we come up with subjects to blog about time after time?  How do you deliver value that? What will make people will actually WANT to read your posts?

Some blogs are centered around specific niche which can be both easier because you know what you need to blog about, but it can also be limiting. My blog is more flexible with the subject choice.  I like to blog about my experiences and they come in all shapes and forms. But still, I have the same issue –  what to write about every week??

One of the best tips I got on that subject I picked up during my Digital studies. When feeling blocked or uninspired, pause for a minute, reflect, think about your day/week/month. What “light bulb” moment did you have? What new thing have you discovered? When I do that I always realize there is something I  learned and that I can share with your to create engaing content, free tools and tips


Remeber knowledge is power especially when it comes to content creation

Study, read, learn new things all the time. One of my mentors taught me something that is called  “ultra reading”. Take a book – self-help, business, parenting etc.  Open it, time yourself for 2 minutes, open in a random spot in the book. Read. You should be able to get something to write about in those 2 minutes. Try it with a couple more books on the same subject, you will get a post out of it.

I read A LOT during my week. I have specific times dedicated to that in my schedule. I read professional development books, marketing blogs. I read a lot of lifestyle blogs which serves 2 purposes, it keeps me connected with what is trending, and it helps me establish a network of bloggers (I talked about the importance of networks here. I take part in facebook live motivational and educational meetings as part of the training I did when I started the FREE business blueprint challenge I did. All of those give me so much inspiration and food for thought I always have a notepad and a pen next to me when I read or during webinars.  All the ideas that I write in there later turn into blog posts.

Know your readers and their interests – create content accordingly

When you started your blog, you probably had an idea of who is your target demographic. Now what you need to figure out is what is that demographic is interested in reading. If you are a niche blogger than this stage should be easier for you. You probably already have “built-in” keywords that come with your niche. But for those of you who are not, there are free tools that will help you determine whether your subject is something people are interested in reading.

The first obvious tool is of course Google. I assume you know what to do with that:) I love doing the same thing with  Pinterest which is essentially the visual google. Type in your term and see what highly ranked pins you come up with it. Once you type in a term, Pinterest will give you the most popular searches done with this term. That can help you focus your idea for the post. I try different variations of the keyword and see what popular pins I come across. Once I have my idea sorted, it’s time for me to take care of details.

SEO and post titles can make or break your post

You can create fantastic posts filled with valuable and interesting content, however, if no one gets to see them, then it all for nothing right? This is where the dreaded SEO comes in. Seo is a whole big subject that I am definitely not an expert on, but I use tools created by people who are experts. Neil Patel is one of those experts, and he created Ubersuggest . Ubbersuggest is a totally free tool you can use to check if your chosen keywords and keyphrase is actually something people are searching for. It also gives you suggestions for additional or better keywords. The latest tool added to it allows you to type in a domain that is in the same niche and you, and check to see what keywords are working best for it.

There is a lot more to SEO than just keywords, and what of the available free tools you can use if you are self-hosting and using WordPress, is the YOAST plugin. It will check your post and let you know what needs to be improved, it can be annoying, I am warning you.  It takes me ages to get a good score, but once I do – I can’t describe the satisfaction I get out of it:)

A title can make or break your post

Once I have my keywords, and my post is ready and I ran it by Yoast, I am left with what for me is the most difficult task – finding a good title.
It used to be much harder until someone ( and God bless whoever that was) recommended Coschedule headline analyzer to me. I absolutely love it. You type your intended headline into it, and it will analyze it from different aspects. I usually try a few different combinations, until I come with one with a high score.  I have to say that since using this tool, I can see a real shift in the “clickability” and performance of my headlines on different platforms.

Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.
Sylvia Plath

The last piece of advice is – just start writing, start however small or short, it doesn’t matter, write consistently and stick to it. Trust that the words will come. I have been there so many times, sure that I have nothing to write about, but since using these tips and tools I know that something will come to me  – after all, it only takes is guts and imagination.
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Do you have tools or tips to help you create content? I would love for you to share it in the comments.
Happy Blogging!

13 thoughts on “How to create engaging content – free tools for compelling posts

  1. This is such a helpful post. Writers block definitely happens to bloggers, I’ve had a couple of times where it’s hit me. I love these ideas though so thank you!

  2. These are all great suggestions, Madi! I’ve never heard of “ultra reading” before but it sounds like a really good idea! Like you say, there must be something on the pages to give some inspiration and spark new ideas. I also find that reading others blogs from all sorts of niches gives me a wide range of ideas too. And Pinterest is great for browsing when looking for inspo. Thanks for recommending the headline analyzer, that sounds like a really useful site to use. Fab post lovely, really helpful! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thanks so much Bexa! I’m so glad you find this helpful. Reading always sparks new thoughts in me, and my Sundays are usually dedicated to catching up with favorite blogs and find some new ones, so yes it definitely gets my creativity going. Thanks again for your lovely comment.

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