How to create a lead capture page from scratch

As a digital marketer, one of the tools I need the most is a lead capture page builder.
The other tool I use most is an Autoresponder service.
It sounds simple enough, but as a newbie affiliate marketer, I was lost in the sea of options and different platforms and found it hard to navigate. I shopped around and used trial periods for a few different platforms before I settled on  Builderall because it combines a very very easy to use capture pages/websites builder with a very efficient autoresponder, and many many other advanced tools I can utilize in my work.
The price which was a big factor for me starting out is extremely affordable, there are 3 different plans (at 3 different prices) that I could choose from.
* some of the links in this post are affiliate links.

However – no matter how friendly and innovative, learning to use new software, can be a headache. Which is why I wrote down the steps you need to take while building a great looking lead capture page using Builderall, right from the start all the way to publish.

I love having the steps written down because unlike a youtube video, where if I forget something, I have to go through the whole thing again – I can jump right to the step I may have forgotten and work accordingly. I hope you find this as useful as I did.
If you are new to Builderall and want to try it (7 days free trial), just click HERE, (you can activate your account through this link and get an amazing  free course, teaching you how to generate leads for your business, as a bonus) – and use this guide to play around and see if it suits your needs.

  • To start –  sign up to bBuilderall. The signup is simple and straightforward. You get a 6-day free trial, in which you can play around and see if it works for you, I loved it (once I figured out how to use it), and during these 6 days you can also try out their affiliate programme if you want to.
  • Next – on the left of your screen you will see the control panel. The first tab is BUILDER – click on the little drop-down arrow and
    how to creat a lead capture page using builderall
    step 1

    once you do that a screen will open with different types of funnels.
    I chose to use the squeeze page funnel template, which is a fairly simple one,  just so I can show you how the process works.
    It is a good funnel to use if you want to collect an email for your email list and then send your visitor into a full-on sales page/website.
    I find it super useful as an affiliate marketer because this way I get the visitor to subscribe to my mailing list, and even if I move him to a vendor external product sales page – I sill get his details for future use.

  • Scroll down the page until you get to choose a template
    click on:

    Builderall lead capture page creator
    step 2

    Edit template – which will bring you into the editor, where you can make whatever changes you want.
    Now, I am not ashamed to say that it took me longer than I would like to admit – to figure out that in order to change some elements like colors or the text on the button, I had to right click and get the options I needed.

  • To change the text – you simply move your cursor to the text field, click on the text you want to change, and the tools bar will open up with all the edit options.
  • When you are done with the textual changes it’s time to change the appearance – you can drag the text field or the button to wherever you want.

    Builderall capture page editor
    step 3
  • To change the TEXT of the BUTTON  – right click and choose BUTTON.
  • To change the COLOR of the BUTTONright click, choose APPEARANCE – it will show you the different styles of the button you can use.
    Click the settings icon– and choose FORM FIELD STYLE.
    You can also play around with the fonts etc.
  • IMPORTANT! One of the cool features in builderall is that you can preview and see how your page looks on a mobile phone – there is a mobile phone icon on the top left side, click it and preview – if you need to fix something, you can do it directly there – and ONLY change the mobile settings. I just love that!
  • Once your page looks like you want it to -click SAVE.
    Once the page is saved, it’s time to set up where you want your subscriber to move to once he clicks the call to action button,  and also configure the mailing list his details are going to be saved in.
  • To set up the next stage of the sale funnel -Right click on the subscribe fields and choose – CHANGE URL – if you are directing your
    Builderall capture page editor
    step 4

    subscriber to an outside sale page (of your vendor),  copy your affiliate link from the vendor sale page and paste into the SUBSCRIPTION CONFIRMED field- press confirm and you are done.

    Now it’s time to configure the mailing list

  •  first you need to set up a mailing list in  MailingBoss – you can get to it from your homepage – it’s the second tab in the panel – click and then click on ACCESS MAILINGBOSS – if it’s your first time then you will be moved through a simple set up process where you will fill out your personal details.
  • Once done –  choose the – CREATE A NEW SUBSCRIBER LIST– and again you will be moved through a straightforward process.
    once you set up the mailing list – go back to your funnel page editor, right-click, choose

    create a lead capture page using Builderall
    step 5

    Configure and then the icon of your autoresponder – MAILINGBOSS- choose the mailing list you opened – click on SAVE – and you are done.

The next stage is to Publish your lead capture page.

  • Click on the BUILDER tab in your control panel – click on the DROP AND DRAG PIXEL PERFECT drop-downn arrow.
    Click the MY SITES – and you will get the list of your done capture pages. click on MORE OPTIONS – then click PUBLISH.
    And you are done – your capture page/sales funnel is live.
    To use it in an ad or a blog post etc, simply open it, copy the link and paste it in the appropriate place.

    Builderall lead capture page creator
    step 6

    Hope you found this helpful!
    Click to try using and building your capture pages and sales funnels using Builderall 

    If you want to know how I started my journey in the digital marketing world click HERE

If you have any questions would love to hear from you in the comments.

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